The Heavyway Gen Distortion Pedal
The Heavyway Gen (THG) is a Guitar Distortion Pedal. There are 4 different effect classifications (Distortion/CleanTone Chorus Echo S-Reverb) with different 7-Tone music style (Metal to HardRock). Distortion Gain is enhanced by analog front end. In the spacial and modulation parts we design Echo/S-Reverb and Chorus respectively. S-Reverb is a special effect integrated with delay tap. The extensity of Echo and S-reverb is tuned by DelayTime tuner. An appropriate Chorus modulation plane is also designed in THG. It's easy to be selected [CleanTone - Chorus/Echo/S-Reverb and Distortion - Chorus/Echo/S-Reverb]. THG function working block diagram is shown below.



Gerenal with Tone-1 Gerenal with Tone-2 Gerenal with Tone-3
Gerenal with Tone-4 Gerenal with Tone-5 Gerenal with Tone-6
Gerenal with Tone-7
Chorus with Tone-1 Chorus with Tone-2 Chorus with Tone-3
Chorus with Tone-4 Chorus with Tone-5 Chorus with Tone-6
Chorus with Tone-7
Echo with Tone-1 Echo with Tone-2 Echo with Tone-3
Echo with Tone-4 Echo with Tone-5 Echo with Tone-6
Echo with Tone-7
S-Reverb with Tone-1 S-Reverb with Tone-2 S-Reverb with Tone-3
S-Reverb with Tone-4 S-Reverb with Tone-5 S-Reverb with Tone-6
S-Reverb with Tone-7





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